Cornell Consulting LLC


We help ambitious entrepreneurs Start, Grow and Expand their Dream Businesses by providing the right tools and funding resources.


Thousand of businesses have failed and there are thousands more that didn't start because people couldn't find the capital, or they did not have proper execution and did nor receive the correct advice to open and maintain their business.


At Cornell Consulting Technologies we are passionate about helping small business owners & consumers solve their credit and lending problems

We're completely commited to giving you honest, accurate, and dependable answers to your questions about any aspect of your personal or business finances. Additionally, we've found over the years that the average consumer or business owners borrow money the wrong way and are confused about the different funding options that are available for them. So regardless of what industry you are in Real Estate, Online Store, or Consulting Industry, we have lending partners that can solve your funding needs.

It's time to take control of your future and make your dream of business ownership come true

We believe in empowering dreams and aspirations. As a dedicated loan brokerage, our mission is to bridge the gap between your ambitions and the financial means to achieve them. Your goal becomes our purpose. Let's reach your summit together.

Compare multiple small business loan products at once regardless of industry and use of funds. Cornell Consulting Technologies works with ambitious small business owners, investors, developers & entrepreneurs to Start, Grow and Expand their dream Business by providing the right tools and funding resources.

Over the years we have successfully secured millions of dollars in capital for our clients. Whether they have great credit, not so great credit, or poor credit. With developed relationships with public and private banks, individual investors, and Real Estate Syndication Investment Groups who have business financing programs for all lending situations and industries.


We understand that your goal is to run a Successful profitable business and you need working capital & proper funding advice to reach your goals.

We specialize in helping you build a strong foundation for your business, allowing you to put firepower behind your ambition and ideas. Our funding products are designed to help you manage your cash flow and have a profitable growing business.